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Poetry, Love, & Other People

I don’t typically read poetry.  Not that I hate it, or dislike it.  Just doesn’t grab me the way a good song or an insightful piece of literature does.  Today I found a poem that did grab me.

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2014 Reading List

Every year I post my book and article reading list from the previous year.  It’s that time.  Here’s what I read in 2014.

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Things That Bring Me Peace & Meaning

My  son, early in his 7th year of life (age 6), is heavily subject to being instrumented by the world around him.  Gary and I suffer endless peals of belligerent claims that ‘he didn’t do it’.  It was the object, the game, the sidewalk, us, that “made him act a certain way.”  God help us get through this developmental phase.

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The Paradox and The Problem

I’ve just finished reading On Dialogue by David Bohm. In one chapter, he makes a distinction between a paradox and a problem.  Now that I’m primed to think about paradox, I’m seeing it everywhere, which prompts me to write. So what’s the difference between a paradox and a problem?  Why do I care?

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Satisfaction, Success & Greatness

Here’s a journal piece I wrote today about some things running around in my mind.

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Remy’s Top 5 at 5

These are the things I want to remember about Remy when he was five. Partly so I can remind him at 15 and he can say, no way I did that and I can reply yes way you did. So anyways. The top 5.

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2013 Reading List

Every year about this time, I transition my books completed and discarded lists to a blog post so I can delete them from my current Reading List page.  Begs the question why I keep the list in the first place.  The answer is twofold.  Most influential is that it makes me feel good to check the box, add to the list, and otherwise visibly denote some method of ‘thing completed.’ It has something to do with a neurotransmitter or two and a lot to do with my personality.  The second reason is that it’s occasionally useful to have a reliable list of those books I read X years ago so I can remember what that title was of that book about whatever topic.  The second reason is admittedly secondary.

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My Day Job

Historically, this blog has emphasized the athletic and parenting elements of my life.  These aren’t where I spend most of my energy.  So what is it that I do with myself?

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The Rational Person and Educational Policy – A Discussion

It all started with this quote:

“A rational person cannot seek to confirm their beliefs, only to test them” – Chris Hallquist

I don’t even know who Chris Hallquist is.  Sure, I could look him up, but I haven’t.

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I Want You to Underestimate Me

Provocative title, yes?  It stems from some thinking I’m doing around what one’s style as an athlete says about him/her as a professional.  And maybe in other domains of life.

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